Six episodes of 26 minutes each

"We Czechs are one of the best in porn in Europe. We are a brave nation that likes to have fun. That's why I think Czechs are very close to erotica. A few of us can even show it on camera." - Lutro.
The Czech Republic has an indelible place in the history of the porn industry. According to data from 2013, the Czech Republic is ranked third in the list of countries of origin of porn actresses. The documentary series PORNO! shows why this was the case and how it is today through the lives of porn actor Lutro and porn actress Isabella de Laa. Instead of making moral judgements, the six-part series tries to answer the questions of who the people are who make a living from this controversial work, how it affects their personal and partner lives, and how they cope with society's prejudices. 

It will be released on 31 October on Prima Cool TV and on the online platform Prima+
Producer: Prima FTV
Director / Story: Filip Štoček
DOP: Filip Knoll
Edit: Ondřej Nuslauer 
Music: Tomáš Havlen 
Sound: Josef Beneš 
Graphic Design: Matěj Matouš
Photography: Štěpán Svoboda

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