A music video for a bunch of fools who have been changing the face of Czech rock music for ten years.
Personally, I think music videos are a great platform for visual experimentation and trying out different shenanigans. 
So I agreed with the cameraman Lubomír Krupka that we would build the whole video clip only on a hokey camera rigging and to have fun with it. 
I think we succeeded.
The filming took place in the botanical garden in Prague. No plant was harmed.''

Recording/Mix/Master: Rony Janeček (Pidgeon Records)
Directed by Štoček / Svoboda
Director of Photography: Lubomír Krupka
Grip team: Kuba Kasala, Pavol Smoroň
Michal Budinský
Grading: Vojta Štětka
Cop*čo Hentai Corporation 2022

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