I fell in love with Masova (as the song is called) on the first listen. It's an incredibly lively and fun song that I play in my head all the time. The music video is an homage to slashers, or murder horror movies like Friday the 13th and later Scream, which I grew up on. I tried to infuse the clip with references to those films. 
Directed by:  Filip Štoček
Director of photography: Štěpán Svoboda 
Edit: Filip Štoček / Štěpán Svoboda
Production: Kristýna Svobodová 
Label: Tranzistor & Vees 
Barbora Mudrová 
Václav Matějkovský
Arina Kuranova
Vladimir Piskala
Alexander Sulc
Zuzana Hoffmanova
Martin Hoffman
Josef Benes

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