A three-part documentary portrait of Czech restaurants focusing on Japanese cuisine.
Client: Seznam.cz
Directed by: Filip Štoček
Edit: Filip Štoček / Štěpán Svoboda
Dramaturg: Matouš Vaněk
Graphic Design: Matěj Matouš

Petr Vlásek is the chef at Cafe Sofa, where among other things they prepare a traditional Japanese breakfast. The procedures for preparing Japanese cuisine are very strict, unlike the Czech one. See what makes Japanese breakfast special for Czechs.

Nguyen Quoc Anh fell in love with Japanese cuisine during his stay in the USA. He learned to cook it from a Japanese master and now has three restaurants in Prague. Check out his story, as well as the preparation of traditional Japanese dishes.

Stano Balazs is the founder of Miska Ramen bar. He fell in love with cooking Ramen so much that he even traveled to Japan to learn its preparation from the chefs there. See how such ramen is prepared and what ingredients it consists of.

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