The Other Kinds of Love is actually my first stand-alone documentary series that I 
for a major media house.  I did the first part of the interviews back in 2014, but other work commitments  forced me to put the project on hold for a few years. It was only thanks to the collaboration with Gabriela Zvonkova  on the Porn is My Life project, I suddenly had the opportunity to bring in my own topic. 
Already in this project I tried not to judge the women interviewed, on the contrary 
to look at the world through their lens and to have them answer some of the questions that 
I had been thinking about for some time. I think I have succeeded. 

The pilot episode of the documentary series The Other Faces of Love introduces some of the characters you will get to know better in the coming weeks. They include prostitutes, sexual assistants, their clients and professionals who have been working on the subject for decades.

What is life like for women who provide sexual services for money? What made them do it? And how do their partners cope with their work? The second part of the documentary series The Other Faces of Love brings confessions of sex workers about what prostitution means to them.

Pleasure Without Risk is an organization that has a quarter of a century of operation and thousands of women working in the sex business. It is led by Hana Malinová - a woman who, after the revolution, decided to take action and take action against the epidemic of venereal diseases.

Tomás Pík has been suffering from a disease since he was 14 years old, which led him to end up in a wheelchair. He became interested in the life of the handicapped, which he became, and also in sexuality. As he says, even the disabled are interested in sex. And sexual assistance is one of the solutions.


Freya is an organization that was created thanks to Delight Without Risk. It focuses on the sexuality of people with disabilities and trains not only social workers in this area. Under its umbrella there are several sexual assistants who work specifically with people with disabilities.

The main characters in this story are a man and a woman. A prostitute and her partner. Let's call them Adam and Eve. It's about what it's like to live with a woman working in the sex business. What it's like to clash with a prejudiced environment. And how hard it is to gain each other's trust.

Brothels are illegal in czech republic. Women in the sex business therefore work in brothels where neither they nor the client are protected. In Germany and other countries, they have adopted prostitution as a trade. Here we hide it under the labels of companions and dancers in clubs. What are the risks and when will this change?

They fought it in the Middle Ages, but in vain. The communist regime wanted to erase it from the history of Czechoslovakia, also unsuccessfully. Prostitution has always survived. Where there is demand, there is also supply, and so it runs through history like a red line that everyone knows about and not much is said about. What is its future?

Directed by Filip Štoček
Story by Filip Štoček 
Director of photography Filip Štoček / Štěpán Svoboda 
Editing Filip Štoček
Production Gabriela Zvonková (Mafra, a.s.) 
Dramaturg Gabriela Zvonková
Master of Sound Josef Beneš 

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