A year ago, I began to have a strong feeling that the transgender issue was becoming a political issue, and I was getting only sketchy and basically the same information from the media about what transgender people are and what they want. I myself had a lot of prejudices about this topic.  Both I and Štěpán Svoboda, who I invited to the shoot because of his amazing sense of rhythm and visual sense, understand that the world is not black and white. Not everything we learn from the media, is the pure truth. That's why we reached out to Trans*parent, with whom we had a conversation over several months that resulted in this documentary. Thanks to the incredible openness of our respondents, we got at least a partial insight into the situation of the trans community in the Czech Republic.         

Producer: Seznam.cz
Directed by: Filip Štoček / Štěpán Svoboda 
Story: Filip Štoček
Director of photography:  Lubomír Krupka / Štěpán Svoboda 

Edit: Filip Štoček / Štěpán Svoboda 
Production: Kateřina Hladíková / Tereza Sommerová (Stream.cz) / 
Filip Vážanský (Stream.cz) /
Ivan Mikula (Televizeseznam.cz) 
Dramaturg: Kateřina Hladíková 
Sound mix: Josef Beneš 
Sound dramaturgy: Jiří Hloušek 
Graphic design: Matěj Matouš 
Intro animation: Tomáš Babka 

Victor didn't like the image of trans people in the media. He didn't want to become "that person". Although with the help of a psychologist at 25, he revealed what he had long hidden from himself: that he was struggling as a woman.

''I have no idea about a lot of the things trans people experience, the main thing is to learn to treat each other decently and have respect for each other..''

Karel kept his feelings and fears firmly locked away and allowed himself to express his male identity only within the framework of the game. Tabletop or computer. Both served as a break from reality. But it was clamoring for attention.

Andrea comes from a religious family, which made it all the more difficult for her to admit the fact that she felt like a woman. She even joined the army to encourage the man in her. Today she lives as a mother of five children.

There are not only two variants of identity, blue and pink, boy and girl. Fipah doesn't feel like either. She's just an agender, a person without a gender.

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